Current Castings

L.A.C.E the series

LACE - Lost And Cannot Escape

An Original Filmwomyn Media Web Series

Casting Director: Onyx Keesha

Written by: B. Danielle Watkins

Filming Location: Erie, PA

Filming Dates: April 2018

Compensation: Travel, Stipend, Credit, 

Currently Seeking Video Auditions 

* please note characters need to speak in various languages, if you are not fluent in that language that is fine, we will train the right actress. 


Three women (Daze, Ro, and Crea) have been teleported from their

home planets by some freak accident which has landed them in the LACE dimension. Unbeknownst to them, the entity that caused them to end up in the LACE dimension has also entered the

dimension with the intent to keep them there. Daze, Ro, and Crea must stick together and find their own way out before the feeling, or the entity, that is drawing them changes their minds.

Open Ethnicity, Athletic Build, Attractive Female, Late 20s-Late 30's

Daze is from Mangee, a planet much like Earth, each being from Mangee has the distinct mark over their left eye, and speaks Spanish in place of many English words. 

Open Ethnicity, Athletic Build, Attractive Female, Late 20s-Late 30's

Ro is from Pizu, another planet like earth, but this planet has a kingdom from which Ro is the princess. The entity is

especially interested in the German speaking princess.

Open Ethnicity, Athletic Build, Attractive Female, Late 20s-Late 30's

Crea is from Planet Q, and renegade planet from the Nor Galaxy which is a little more rough around the edges than Mangee and Pizu. Crea is the most outgoing of the three girls, and the

French language is her nitch.

Please submit your headshot and contact info to, if you are selected you will be contacted with sides for the self taped video audition

Wish (Short Film)

Casting Director: Onyx Keesha 

Film Dates: January 2018 (4-7days)

Film Location: Atlanta Area

Compensation: Credit/Craft Services/Deferred Payment for select roles

Submit Headshot/Resume/Reel if available 

Selected Actors will receive Sides for self-taped video audition 

Selected actors will be called in for in person audition 


Wish Wallas is a beautiful, confident, well-educated 35 year old woman. She has a love for life and enthusiasm for all she does. Wish makes no apologies for who she is and what she does, very sexually free Wish views sexual encounters as her right as a woman. Labels such as whore and slut do not phase her, she is powerful and a woman in a mans world, she refuses to not play by the same rules so, if she feels like making out with a total stranger she will, if she feels like brining home the waitress she will, and she will do it with all the ruthlessness of man but the finesse of a lady,which she is. When confronted by others who do not understand her sex positive and promiscuous nature she always reads them well, making them contemplate their own thoughts on sex and sexuality, Wish is a force to be reckoned with and a beauty that mesmerizes.

As one of the top five real estate brokers in Atlanta, Wish wants for nothing. She has the life she always wanted and worked very hard for. Her friends always pressure her about when she will settle down and

doesn’t she want love. Love and a relationship are not on her to-do list. Settling down is not an option, it

is not even something on her radar. While her friends are getting married and having babies Wish is plotting how to become the number one broker in ATL, preparing to open another real estate office, and

enjoying the many flavor of women she gets to experience on a daily basis.

All is well until one day Wish meets a woman who will turn her world upside down. Nothing will ever be the same.

This is Wish’s story… 

Characters Needed: 

Dean A. Jackson 

Ethnicity Open, Late 20's/Early 30s, Gay Male, Handsome, Professional

Dean has been in Wish’s life for over a decade. He is her best friend and also works as the office manager at Wish Reality.

Phillip Jackson

Ethnicity Open, Late 20's/Early 30s, Gay Male, Handsome, Professional. 

Dean's Husband 

Nikki Sims 

Open Ethnicity, Early 20s/Late 20's, understated beauty, not confident, rough life, but hopeful . Nicki is like a sister to Wish and though she does not always agree with her choices she will always be in her corner. Nicki is 8 months pregnant. She does not know who the baby’s father is and has no real means of providing for baby.


Open Ethnicity, Female, Sexy, 20s, confident, boss chick type 

Nye is young beautiful and driven, she is the top seller at Wish reality and has much of the same drive that got Wish to where she is.


Female, Open Ethnicity, Late 20s/Late 30s. Cute Funny girl-next door type

Alex and Jackie a lesbian couple stud and femme. They are great friends of wish in the process of planning their destination wedding. They are in love happy and looking forward to their future. Open Ethnicity and Age unimportant