Never Forget

Never Forget is a four part mini series that deals with issues some teens face today. It is a story about a group friend who really need one another. This is all four parts merges into one film.   If anyone you know is dealing with depression, drug addiction, eating disorders, or has suicidal thoughts. Please seek the help needed. Even our teens battle with these things. We must never forget the power of love.

her HER

her HER  is the hilarious new romantic comedy from writer B. Danielle Watkins (3030 Series), and director Onyx Keesha.  Giselle (Corbi Nicole) is beautiful, successful, and chronically single. She spends her time dreaming about what her "one" will be. While at work Giselle meets Xy (Toni Fields) an international model, and well known ladies boi. Despite the preceding reputation Giselle is smitten, and oddly enough so is Xy. G and Xy have an innocent flirtatious relationship, and Xy maintains her

Girls Just Don't Do That

Series directed by Onyx Keesha 

Church Hurt

"Is God's Love Really for Everyone? What happens when the place that is suppose to welcome you rejects you? What happens when you have nowhere else to turn but the one place you refuse to?" Church Hurt is a Love Story... Love of family, Love of self, and most of all love of God...  I am so excited about this film. Words cannot adequately express how proud I am. Please take a moment to check out part 1 of Church Hurt the movie.   

Church Hurt The Movie 

Part two

We Need A Little Christmas

We Need A Little Christmas  An Onyx Keesha Film Produced and Directed by Onyx Keesha  written by B. Danielle Watkins  Co-Directed by Noble Julz  Director of Photography: Dï Thomes  Coley on Sound Second Camera: Sadiqua Scarlett Head PA: Jessica Roberts   starring  Jasmine McDowell  Tamika Shannon  Dred Carpenter  Onyx Keesha  and Ariel Fields

3030 Series

Revry Original Series 

Directed by Onyx Keesha 

Shattered Serenity

WARNING this film has graphic images and may be uncomfortable for some to watch.   Shattered Serenity started as a school project, I wanted to tackle an issue that I felt was very taboo, 

One Night in June

Two years ago Nadia and Yolanda were moments away from the biggest day in their lives; their wedding day.  For reasons unbeknownst to Nadia, Yolanda walks out on everything they ever had never looking back.  Two years later Nadia has found love again, and is emotionally blindsided to see that Yolanda has too.  Starring Onyx Keesha as Nadia IQ as Yolanda  Written and Directed by B. Danielle Watkins Produced by Onyx Keesha, Noble Julz & Di Thomas Edited by B. Danielle Watkins